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Alkalized cocoa powder-Natural cocoa powder


The History of cocoa powder:

There has been one constant throughout cocoa’s evolution, from the first bitter beverage to the thousands of ways it is enjoyed today, cocoa has always enriched the lives of people who love “the food of the gods.”
Originating from the Americas, the real value of cocoa is believed to be first discovered by the Aztecs in Central America and used both as means for payment and as the ingredient for a powerful “drink of gods.” It wasn’t until the beginning of the 15th century, during the initial visit of Columbus to the “new world”, that cocoa was brought into Europe.
Although the Spanish tried to keep this developing cocoa and chocolate industry to themselves, this new “taste” quickly found its way to the rich and wealthy of other countries.

– Alkalized cocoa powder

  • Light brown alkalized cocoa powder
  • Medium brown alkalized cocoa powder
  • Dark brown alkalized cocoa powder
  • Very dark brown alkalized cocoa powder
  • Reddish brown alkalized cocoa powder
  • Black alkalized cocoa powder

– Natural cocoa powder

  • Natural cocoa powder


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